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Victoria’s 3rd Birthday

Written by on October 1st, 2014 in Birthday, Video

*Neighs. “Go horsey, go!”.

When you can’t get unicorns, horses are the next best thing you can get that on your hatched day. That’s what the little cutie, Victoria got for her 3rd birthday.

Time really flies. It’s been quite a journey and a pleasure for us to see them grow up, we have documented Victoria’s 2nd and her younger sister, Dorothy’s first. Click here and here to watch.

Held at “Horsecity – Rider’s Lodge” for the guests to come in their own rendition of Shanghai Noon and enjoy the activities from the photo booth, bouncy castle, pony rides, face painting, quoits and of course, the hitting the Piñata.

A special mention to Red Carousel for putting together such an adorable dessert table, we couldn’t bear to eat them!


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